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Solar PV Program and Information

 All Green River Commons homes will be equipped with a bi-directional electric meter, necessary conduits from the electrical panel area to the roof for connections, and a roof structure designed for the PV panel loads. 

The roof area needed for your panel installation will be provided to you for this purpose under an Exclusive Use easement that Wright Builders has pioneered elsewhere. 

Green River Homes, LLC envisions this as a 100% Net Zero capable solar home community and all home owners are strongly encouraged to equip their homes with a buyer-owned photovoltaic system. 

Actual utility usage can vary widely depending on occupants’ habits, temperature settings and a variety of factors. Having rooftop solar installed is, net of incentives, is cheaper for the homeowner both initially and in the long run, than buying power solely from the grid. In addition, green electricity changes your relationship to consumption and to global warming. More detailed information on options is available separately. 

Green River Homes, LLC (GRH) will have proposals available to buyers for individually owned systems for outright or independently financed purchase, provided by Pioneer Valley Photo Voltaics (PV2), a locally owned Coop that is also an industry leader. The 360 Watt Sunpower panel is the most durable and highest performing, initially and over time, in the industry, is assembled in North American, and comes with an excellent warranty. 

GRH, LLC expects that all systems will be provided through this arrangement for visual, service, and permitting compatibility. GRH, LLC has no financial interest in these dealings, but intends that the PV systems provider will be uniform across the project for service, economy, appearance and high performance. 

PV panels can and should be installed. You CAN afford this! They can be connected and provide for importing and exporting of power from your system to the grid. At this writing, sufficient and appropriate transformers have been planned and engineered to meet current Public Utility Tariff Regulations as they apply to Eversource and these proposed installations. This is intended to provide for Net Metering, which means that the power bought and sold transact at virtually the same price per KWH. However, this is a changing environment, and administration of Tariff arrangements varies. 

NHP cannot guarantee Net Metering to buyers, despite our best efforts to achieve this goal, due to the regulatory environment. That confirmation can be made at time of service request for the Net Meter. 

Even without the net metering feature, using the grants and federal tax credits available, and financing from mass lean Energy Center administered by Five College Federal Credit, these systems can be afforded by ALL on an ownership basis.