Heating & Cooling systems: Mitsubishi or equal very high efficiency electric 1 head minisplit heat pump system, minimum SEER 21

Ventilation Systems: Ducted - Venmar or similar with run time variable control

Water heater: High efficiency heat pump hybrid electric water heater, 50 gallon, Rheem or equal

Full fire suppression sprinkler system

Optimized for solar gain & Net Zero ready

Wall Frame/Insulation: Double 2x4 stud wall, 9” cavity R-32, all cellulose insulation

Roof Frame/Insulation: 18” engineered joists with cellulose insulation R-60

Roofing: 30 Year fiberglass asphalt architectural shingles

Floor Insulation: R-22 rigid insulation with vapor and radon retardant barrier

Your new home at Green River Commons will be outfitted with a state of the art HVAC system, providing comfort all year around and constant/periodic ventilation to refresh interior air, as well as significant savings in your monthly utility bills.

Welcome to Green River Commons